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Capstone Abrasives Company is the easy-to-access Blasting Grit Manufacturers in Gandhinagar. Blasting grit that we manufacture helps you get rid of these forcefully shooting tiny, sharp particles at the surface of the object that you are trying to treat. These particles as the best blasting grit manufacturer, are made with aluminium oxide, garnet, or steel shot, which are used to hit the surface and remove the unwanted materials from it. The key is that blasting grit is harder than the material you're trying to remove, so it can effectively strip away things like rust or old paint. When you use our blasting grit you can think of it like using sandpaper but on a much larger and more powerful scale.


We are the most affordable Blasting Grit in Gujarat. Our Blasting grit comes in various types and sizes, and the choice depends on what you're trying to clean or prepare. For instance, our blasting grit is widely used in industries like construction, automotive, and shipbuilding to make surfaces smooth, clean, and ready for things like painting or coating. Our blasting grit is like a heavy-duty cleaning material that helps make things look new again.


We are the bulk Blasting Grit exporters and suppliers in India. In case you are somebody who is looking for blasting grit and that too with affordability then we are a company you should definitely consider. We even provide the blasting grit in bulk so if you have incoming projects that might make use of cleaning and polishing then contact us right away.

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